Mean Murmurings II

wicked whispers
Another weekend, another celebrity wedding. Well, not actual celebrities getting hitched, but a celebrity wedding guest at a wedding also attended by me. And if you ask me, that makes it a celebrity wedding.

So, in true Mean Murmurings tradition, here is a dodgy photo with said famous person loitering in the background. Can you guess which former pop singer-turned TV actress this is? Oh, the excitement! I must go and have a calming cup of herbal tea.

wedding photo


Writers’ strike goes international

The writers’ strike in Hollywood may be drawing to a close, but could it have impacted writers in other industries?

Take a look at the two Chinese fortunes I received on Friday.

The first one was kind of lazy:
Sunday is your lucky day

But the second was just sloppy:
a sitive change in life

Having said that, I guess fortunes found inside edible snacks have always been a bit grammatically dubious – just take your average Thai fortune roll.