Mean Murmurings

wicked whispersHave you seen the “Wicked Whispers” section from the Daily Mirror’s 3am girls?

They, apparently, give us the latest outrageous scandals from the kuh-ray-zee business that is show. Here’s today’s example:

WHICH crooner was stunned when a blonde he picked up asked him for £1500 after she slept over?

Answer: I don’t know. The mind boggles.

Anyway, this is all a long pre-amble to my revelation that I have had not one but two encounters with actual real-life celebrities recently. And I don’t just mean in the pages of Take-a-Break in my Sainsbury’s Local. I mean actual interaction in the tangible world people.

So, here are my very own Wicked Whispers – er, let’s call them Mean Murmurings

MM #1: Which well-known musical star revealed, over drinks at a recent family event, that while performing on stage he glanced at the autocue only to find that the lyrics had been replaced by a very graphic image of an extreme sexual act?

MM #2: Which pop singer blubbed all the way through the vows at a friend’s wedding last weekend? If you need a clue, here is a photo (not taken by me I might add) of aforementioned star attending said wedding.

mystery celebrity bum
Hazard a guess at the celebrity seat? Any correct entries win a dolly peg lady.


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