Kebab Institute

hen_cottage.jpgThe names of kebab shops are getting a bit highfalutin if you ask me. Chicken shops have got it right – simple variations around a theme give you Chicken Cottage, Chicken Spot, Chicken Hut, Kentucky Chicken, Tennessee Chicken, Dixy Chicken…you get the idea. All quality establishments.

Then you’ve got your crossover restaurants like Dallas Chicken & Ribs. And good old kebab places like Gizel Kebabs and Kebab Feast. But now, just round the corner from my own home, I give you Kebab Centre. It’s not just a takeaway – it’s a centre for all those interested in kebabs and furthering our collective knowledge of the kebab world. What next?

Two further establishments deserve a mention:
-Again, near my own home: Tower of Pizza and Chicken
-Somewhere between my home and IKEA Croydon: Jerk Chicken Centre

Any more for any more?



  1. On the subject of chicken shops, I saw an interesting variation in Addiscombe – Mowgli’s Fried Chicken. The name is memorable (in a Jungle Book kind of way) but was in exactly the same script as Morley’s Fried Chicken and looked identical until you viewed it up close.

  2. I spotted “Kebabish Valley” the other day – it conjures up wonderful images of kebabs gamboling happy and free in the magically valley which is their natural home.

  3. I’m a member of a dedicated group on Facebook called Clubworld. The sole purpose of said group is to seek out and document such comically named establishments (though our remit extends beyond fast food outlets). Finding this 10 year old blog post on the subject was akin to unearthing the original Magna Carta – you’ve made my day.

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