And that’s the way it is

When I was 11 I got into trouble at school. My teacher, who I won’t shame by naming (Miss Hagger) said I was “sarcastic” and had a “bad attitude.” She made me sit on the carpet on my own and think about it. But all I thought about was jokes and snippy comebacks for when she returned.

This situation has continued and many hundreds of years later I discovered – via the magic of the information superhighway – that an anagram of my name is jokes easily. (An anagram of my full name is jealousies oil keys, but let’s not get into that right now.) Clearly, I am destined never to reach the summit of Mount Sincerity because my sherpa is called Silly Joker El Zabawi.

Anyway, this blog will be where I head whenever I feel the uncontrollable urge to “joke” or just say it how it is. Or at least how I think it is. Please don’t be offended – El Zabawi made me do it.


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